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GPN February 2020


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Community Spirit.

Reading through the January edition of the GPN, the word “community” repeatedly came to my attention. The dictionary definition is “a body of people with something in common”: a pretty broad description. I personally think that our village of Gnosall fits that statement: the “something incommon” being a great place to live. 

There are of course, many different communities in our village that fit the definition; church and chapel, scouts and guides, sports clubs, allotment holders, singers, walkers, charity fundraisers, youth clubs, pubs, school, BKV volunteers and towpath volunteers. I will stop there, before I fill the page and still miss one out.

Identifying as part of a community can give us a feeling of sharing and being supported by like-minded people; so that when problems arise in life, as they do for most of us, there are folks to turn to who care, letting us know we are not alone. On the negative side, communities, large and small, can become exclusive, shutting out newcomers or anyone who seems different to the existing members. This may not be deliberate but may stem from insecurity and fear of having to change our familiar ways: something that groups always need to guard against. Fortunately, here in Gnosall, the different small communities often come together through events and celebrations such as the Carnival, with its floats, stalls and displays, GFEST, Sports and Social Club events and last year, the Canal Festival. At the Parish assembly on 1st May, a group award was made to the Scout group who it was felt had a positive effect on hundreds of Gnosall youngsters over 60 years: also twelve names of individuals were submitted for recognition of their contribution to community life in the Parish. It was humbling to hear of all the unseen work carried out quietly on behalf of the whole community.



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My family moved to Gnosall over 42 years ago and between the four of us we have been part of a variety of different communities, continuing to enjoy many of them today. Who remembers the Civic Society and the local branch of the Housewives Register where I made several longstanding friends. I have been part of the GPN community for nearly 20 years; many of the helpers have been involved for much longer. At first I helped to cut and paste adverts onto the pages, moving on to other roles in recent years. Preparation of the GPN involves contributions from so many people representing all those small communities in this village waiting to welcome new members and helpers. So whether you are a newcomer, recently retired with time on your hands or just looking for a new interest, give one of them a go; I am sure you will be made welcome.


All these small communities, representing our different interests and beliefs, have something very important in common: they make up the large caring community of Gnosall and we feel very fortunate to be a part of it.


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