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Whilst “coronavirus” has been around since the 1960s, “Covid-19” was only given its name in February 2020 by WHO (World Health Organisation). Covid-19 is an abbreviation of “coronavirus disease” and “2019”, which is when the virus first appeared, and avoids linking the virus to a place or an animal. The virus is sometimes referred to colloquially as “the ‘rona” or, in Cockney Rhyming slang as “Miley Cyrus” (virus).

Covid has become a prefix in order to create some new words. What’s not to love about going to a “covideo party”? Those who don’t like to party could just “quarantine and chill” or have a small “locktail party”. As the politicians and scientists have navigated their way through planning a “covexit” from lockdown, the rest of us have wrangled with rage against “covidiots” and “moronas” who won’t/don’t stick to the rules.

Some terms have been coined to help us deal with changes in our lives, when every day has felt like “Blursday”. At work, people have been put into “quaranteams”. Those working from home (WFH) have often been “Zoombombed” mid-meeting by their children. Some people have been busy creating “coronababies”…

These new words and shared meanings of old terms have given us a means of talking about, and trying to understand, what we’re all going through, enabling us to still feel connected even when we’re socially isolated. Connecting with others also gives us a break from “doomscrolling” through grim news. Whilst some of the terms might seem flippant, they can offer us a bit of lightness in what has been a dark time.

By Andrea Lacy


As you may know, for obvious reasons the Gnosall fundraising group have not been able to do fundraising of any kind since the virus lockdown started in March and it is unlikely that we will be able to organize any events in the forseeable future. For this reason we suspended the Monthly Draw from taking place until now. To catch up, the Draw for the last 4 months has been made and the prize winners are as follows:-

  1st Prize (£32)  2nd Prize (£19)  3rd Prize (£13)
March  J. Owen (35) N, Gardner (37)  B. McInnes (40)
April J. Hodgkinson (11) D.L. Fraser (115) S. Godwin (130)
May B. McInnes (40)  K. Palmer (106) S.L. Osborne (82)
June J. Harvey (121) V. Westerman (70)  N. Gardner (37)

The renewal date for payment is November 1st each year and quite a few members pay by cash or cheque but about 40 pay by standing order. In view of the present climate regarding contact with other people, which is likely to go on for some time I would like to appeal to those members who pay cash/cheque to consider paying annually by Standing Order if they have a bank account as this would considerably cut down the need for one of us to knock on doors to collect your donations. In view of this appeal I would like to send out details of the Macmillan bank account, with guidance on how to arrange this through your bank, sometime in the next few weeks and should be really grateful if you can make this the best way to renew your membership. If you don’t have a bank account please don’t be offended as we will make arrangements to collect in the usual way. Thank you so much for your kind support over the last 4 years and I can tell you that the Monthly Draw raises over £800 each year for Macmillan so please congratulate yourselves for this achievement.

The Macmillan annual “Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning” will be held on the last Friday in September but unfortunately we will not be able to host an event in the Grosvenor Centre this year. But if anyone would like to take part in this national event, you can contact Macmillan direct on 0300 1000 200 or visit coffee.macmillan.org.uk to obtain a pack explaining how you can hold your own coffee morning , perhaps on a virtual basis with friends and family, and make a donation direct to Macmillan.

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