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gpc2.pngIt isn’t just businesses helping in this way. A local woman volunteered to make one-pot meals (such as cottage pie, casseroles, fish pie, lasagne) for the elderly, vulnerable or those in need. What’s more, she did it at her own expense and asked only £1 including delivery! That was her contribution to the community effort to support those in need and what an effort it has been – at the time of writing she had delivered her 50th meal and the positive comments show how well-received they have been. Several people have donated funds to enable her to continue with this work – yet another example of community generosity.


Yet more of our residents are using their talents to help others and there is a group sewing scrubs for those who need them, again with donations of material, or funds to buy material (£1100 raised in less than one week), helping them in their work. Fantastic !


It isn’t just those providing food or scrubs who lift my spirits. It’s the rainbows around the village, drawn by children and spotted on their daily walks. It’s the painted stones children and families are hiding and finding, many with positive and encouraging messages on them. It’s the supportive and helpful Facebook posts which lift those who find themselves temporarily overwhelmed and feeling inadequate, whether it be in home-schooling children or keeping their own spirits up. It’s the sight of families doing things together to help pass this precious time with their loved ones and make the most of every day. All of this is very much appreciated, as the many positive comments on social media show. So many people have said how much they value being a part of this community and how they recognise the vast amount of support that’s on offer.


Wherever we look, there are things going on to show how much we value each other and want to help each other to get through this strange and frightening time we have found ourselves in. Yes, there are a few examples of less-than-helpful behaviour, perhaps from those who haven’t yet grasped the seriousness of the situation. But the positive far outweighs the negative here in Gnosall. It is such a welcome and unexpected joy, particularly as it comes after possibly the most fractured and divisive time our country has ever known.


For those with a faith, there is comfort to be found in scripture. For people like me, Humanists, there is comfort and strength to be found in the goodness of people, in their willingness to go the extra mile to help others, for no other reason than that we are all in this together –people of all faiths and none, coming together to share our burdens and lift our spirits. I don’t like the circumstances which have allowed me to see this for myself but I am thankful for the perspective I’ve gained. I only hope that we can retain some of this positivity and kindness when we return to a more normal pattern of life. The world is a better, friendlier place for it.



Gail Gregory, Parish Council Chair



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