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 GPN Editor’s Lockdown Log

Writing this in mid-May, and we are nearly through two months of lock down. I hope you all are keeping well, safe and sane. One friend ended an email by saying 'back to climbing the wall' - a joke, I hope.

I'm glad things are easing off, roll on getting back to normal.

So far, I seem to be coping reasonably well. I miss seeing friends and family, phone calls, emails etc help with that. I'm looking forward to meeting people for coffee or a meal. I'm also missing the library, Phoenix and other groups I belong to.

The GPN keeps me going, and I would like to thank everyone who has sent articles and photos while we have no events to publicise or report on.

So, what have I been doing? I've sorted some (not all!) drawers and cupboards, and filled lots of bags for charity shops, when they reopen. I've also done a lot of gardening. Again, still lots to do, but I am convincing myself it looks better. I am reading more than I usually have time for. Most days we have coffee on our drives so I've spoken to neighbours more than ever before. While we haven't banned talking about the pandemic, unfortunately, we mostly talk about other things, films, books, gardening etc. I have been walking, and met lots of people to talk to, while keeping 2 meters apart, of course.

For VE Day we had a lunchtime picnic in our front gardens, one neighbour was playing old 78rpm records! VE Day and all the television, radio and newspaper reports about the Second World War got me thinking about my memories. I cannot remember the war or VE Day. I am the oldest of 3, but my sister seems to remember far more of our childhood than I do, especially all the naughty things I did. I have a photo of my 'driving' a car which I think my father made me. My first real memory is the snow of 1947 , with snow piled very high at the side of the road. I can remember starting school after the war because we had a rocking horse, and were supposed to have a nap after lunch. Also, the school closed for a week in October for potato picking. I wasn't allowed to go.

It was really good to hear a villagers memory of VE Day in a recent GPN. Would anyone else like to share their earliest memories?







“Contributions to this page

are welcome from all

members of the community.”

Please send copy and any

photographs to:

the Editor Joyce Rowe, email:


tel: 01785 822579




During these trying times there will be no Phoenix Club Activities. The Committee are reviewing the Situation regularly and will let

all members know when the club can meet again.


Keep safe All.

Erica Addison

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