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 During 'lockdown' many people have been walking independently.

This is good. One route which has been very popular is from the south west corner of the Village Green to Norbury Junction. This starts off on footpath Gnosall 28 and at Jubilee Cottage it continues on footpath Gnosall 100 to Timberbrook Cottage; here it joins the metalled road over Hollies Common, ending up in a wide green lane. This is the start of footpath Gnosall 12, the path narrows and eventually goes through a new plantation. After a couple of 5 barred gates the path continues over Doley Brook and its flood plain on a boardwalk. After going over a stile by the Hell Hole coppice the path climbs somewhat, becoming level before it reaches the Gnosall to Norbury road. The route here turns right towards Shelmore Lodge where it joins a 'bridle path' Norbury 20. To the right is Shelmore Wood and at the end arrives at the entrance to the BiFOR Research facility. Continuing along the road brings you to Norbury Junction and refreshments.


The journey back to Gnosall is along the canal.

This route was initially published in an early edition of the GPN and started my interest in footpaths in the Parish. I have up-dated it twice, the latest version  as a more detailed description of the route, with information on stiles and 'kissing gates' and other points to look out for. A copy of this latest issue can be obtained by contacting me by e-mail: cpjobling@uwclub.net

Another popular route is through Pollymoor Farm, an abandoned farmhouse and buildings. This route is used by the Walking for Health group and returns to Gnosall also by the canal, joining it at Barns  ridge No. 37. The Canal & River Trust have put into the hedge some horizontal bars which can be climbed, but the slope down to the canal towpath is very slippy. This problem is being addressed by the Gnosall Towpath Restoration Group, which though it is outside their normal stretch of the canal towpath, they have agreed to put some steps into the slope. This shows that within the village different groups are co-operating for the benefit of us all.

Information about self-lead walks can be obtained from the following sources:-

Gnosall Walks & More Gnosall Walks at £3 each from the Bakery and Parish Office. 24 walks in all. Proceeds to BKV.

10 walks based on the Shropshire Union Canal by Mike Cope at £4.99 ISBN 978-0-85710-077-1 from PiXZ Books e-mail: sales@halsgrove.com

45 walk leaflets obtainable from the Gnosall Surgery at 10p each in honesty box. These are for the area covered by the doctors.

Doorstep Walks - published by the Stafford Borough Council. These are free from the council offices. These can be anywhere in the borough.

Good Walking CPJ

By Peter Jobling




During these trying times there will be no Phoenix Club Activities. The Committee are reviewing the Situation regularly and will let all members know when the club can meet again.


Keep safe All. Erica Addison

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