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In the space of a couple of months we have heard of changes which threaten to fundamentally alter the character of our ancient village.

First came news of the forthcoming closure of our Post Office, then a short time later plans were unveiled to relocate the Co-op from its long established store at 22 High Street.

Following on from the loss of another much loved shop, the greengrocers Old Stacey’s , these latest closures could take away the very reasons why we visit the High Street.

It doesn’t seem an age ago, when the High Street was the vibrant centre of the village with pub, Post Office, off-licence, newsagent, butchers, barbers, hairdressers, betting shop, haberdashery, bank, and supermarket.

Yet in the sixties and seventies, the population of Gnosall was a fraction of today’s figure. By the 2011 census, 4,736 people across 2,048 households called Gnosall home ... and since then an extra 200 households have been added, taking the likely total to well over 5,000.

By contrast, in the last census, Eccleshall had a lower population than Gnosall, yet somehow our neighbouring village still maintains a bustling commercial centre .

Gnosall is not immune from the ease of internet shopping or the lure of out-of-town malls which have hit local businesses hard. But without some proactive measures to make our High Street an attractive place to visit in its own right, it risks becoming the “dead” centre of the village.

Removal of the Co-op car park traffic jams, which in recent years have been a regular feature of weekend shopping, will come as a great relief. Perhaps planners will come up with some imaginative solutions, to give pedestrians priority and restricting through traffic.

Without some positive changes, it will be difficult to encourage new independent shops to replace the Co-op and the Post Office, and the few remaining businesses will face an uphill struggle surviving the loss of the two kingpins of the High Street.

Steve Torrington


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