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Your New Look GPN ! ! !


This month your GPN has a new look with colour throughout the magazine and a change to the cover layout. These changes encouraged me to look back through some of the old copies that I hold. The oldest was from 1971, a smaller magazine with just 16 pages. All the articles were typed on stencils for duplicating (before the days of home computers and word processors). Many of the articles were like those we still publish now, with reports from the churches, Parish Council and Gnosall Players. One article caught my eye and demonstrated that little has changed: a “Footpaths” group reported that a group of 25 walkers had got together to re-establish and keep open the footpaths of Gnosall. Their walk of the month to Broadhill did not have the benefit of a map or photographs of the route to help the walkers which we now see. The closing comment of the article made me think of the work of the current footpath group:- “One day we hope the responsible authority will erect fingerposts to guide all would-be walkers”

My collection has several magazines from the early 2000s; by this time the magazine had beautifully drawn cover pictures, had grown to 40 pages with adverts on different coloured paper through the magazine. It was printed, collected and stapled together by members of the committee, a task that many still remember too well. This work was becoming increasingly challenging with circulation up to 1000 copies and in 2012 the committee decided that it was time to change to professional printing to avoid the monthly chores and make it possible to include photographs within the magazine.This change was followed by the introduction of photographs on the cover, and later by colour on the cover pages, and more recently by colour centrefold. So now we are taking the next stage in this process with a full colour magazine. Hopefully you will appreciate this change in the appearance of your village magazine.

While thinking about changes to the magazine, this led me to think about changes in the village in the last 30 years since I moved to the area. Looking back, I concluded that we are fortunate that not too much has changed. We have seen several new housing developments and lost some shops, but at the same time we have gained others. The closure of the Post office is a disappointment for us, but we still have several supermarkets/convenience stores for our everyday needs. Not too many villages can claim to have such good facilities including doctors, dentists, and an optician. How many villages have their own travel agents?

Perhaps the most important measure of village life is that it is more than a just a place to live. I am encouraged to see reports of activities by numerous groups and societies; the “What’s on” page at the beginning of the GPN details an event somewhere in the village nearly every day of the week, just as many as there were in past years.

vv2.pngGnosall is still alive and well.

We are naturally cautious of change, but I hope we can all embrace change

and appreciate the good that it can bring.


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