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The Co-operative Redevelopment

Gnosall’s village centre mini-supermarket, the Co-op, could soon be on the move. Plans to relocate and redevelop the store on the site of the Texaco filling station close to Doley Brook have been under planning consideration by the borough and parish council during the past few weeks.

If approved, a new Co-op “convenience store” and redesigned filling station will be built to replace the existing service station, car-repair business, and second-hand car and motorhome dealership.

The developer’s planning application says this will allow for an improved and more functional store with a modern layout, yet without increasing the retail floorspace.

“It will remove a source of traffic congestion in the historic village centre whilst enabling the re-letting of the existing store and car park to provide a new retail use.

“The new Co-op store will continue to function as a small, local food store helping meet the day- to-day needs of Gnosall residents, comprising a local walk-in catchment population and a limited amount of pass-by trade from drivers between Stafford and Newport/Telford. The store will carry a basic range of groceries, ready meals, sandwiches and snacks, beers, wines and spirits and a range of fresh fruit and vegetables.

“The site will provide a small convenience store rather than a supermarket, intended to meet the local needs of people living in Gnosall.”

“Its scale will be slightly less than the 295 sq m retail area of the existing Co-op. However, it will be used more intensively and efficiently with floor to ceiling refrigeration units which are difficult to fit into the existing building.”

The ‘old’ Co-op in the centre of the village, 22 High Street, occupies a two-storey building which was once a town house constructed during the 1880s. The building includes a large extension to the rear and a customer car park. Previously Bowell’s supermarket, the shop is cramped and parking is often difficult, particularly when deliveries arrive.

Plans for the new site include 14 marked out parking spaces, including 2 disabled spaces. At the time of writing, objections included a response from the Environment Agency which was seeking greater safeguards to prevent any possibility of leakage from fuel storage tanks ... the adjoining area of Doley Brook being very sensitive to water contamination.

Council planners were also considering a detailed report on the impact on local traffic and road safety.

* Plans can be viewed on Stafford Borough Council planning website, application number 19/30804/FUL

Steve Torrington


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