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I love walking. I mean, I get out each morning with my faithful Border Collie, and leaving the house, have to decide which route to take today. Will it be along the canal towpath and railway line, nodding at the same people from two metres away, getting annoyed at the casually dropped bits of litter and the carefully placed dog poo bags awaiting collection (I hope) or do I choose the muddy joys of Fanlizard lane, the quiet lanes to Walton Grange, the Kingfisher Trail, Quarry lane, the Audmore Loop or even an exciting trek across Doley Common! I am spoilt for choice. We are blessed in Gnosall with so many great places to walk and many villagers have been walking throughout 'lockdown' discovering places they had never been before!

bkv2.pngSo, where to walk in Gnosall? There are two 'Walks' booklets available, each containing 12 local walks from 2 miles to 6 miles. There are maps, walk descriptions and photos of interesting things to see on your way. The booklets are on sale in the Bakery and at the Parish Office for just £3 each, the money going to the BKV Team. There are 48 Walks leaflets covering Gnosall and the surrounding villages available for just 10p each from the foyer of the Health Centre. There is a 'Healthy Walks' group with Walk Leaders taking you on great local walks, in good company, when it is once more safe to do so! Keep up to date on when these walks resume, in the GPN or on 'gnosallparishnews.com'

You can get active in lots of ways, but walking is one of the easiest! For most people, it’s safe, easy to stick with, and low- or no-cost. It doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. For such a simple activity, it has so many benefits.

For every hour of brisk walking, life expectancy for some people may increase by two hours.

Research has shown that walking at a lively pace at least 150 minutes a week can help you:

• Think better, feel better and sleep better.bkv3.png

• Reduce your risk of serious diseases like heart disease, stroke,

• Improve your blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels.

• Increase your energy and stamina.

• Improve your mental and emotional well-being and reduce risk of depression.

• Improve memory and reduce your risk of dementia.

• Boost bone strength and reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

• Prevent weight gain.

So, no excuses, just walk somewhere, everyday !bkv4.png

Dave Clarke Gnosall BKV


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