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GPN - Memories

This is the 700th edition of the Gnosall Parish News …… or to put it another way, our village magazine has been published for 58 years and 4 months, I think.

I have been involved since the early 1970s, initially with delivering copies, but I’m not an expert in the changes over the years. I’m sure there are others in the village who have been involved far longer than me.

When I first agreed to help, each page of the magazine was typed out separately by a team of women in the village. Two of these were Jane Main and Colleen Edmonds (who was treasurer for many years). Then the pages were printed using a duplicating machine in the parish room (now the nursery), collated and stapled together. This long winded process involved a lot of volunteers walking around a large table, picking up the pages in order, before the finished magazine was stapled together. Colour in those days meant the shade of the front page … sometimes pink, sometimes blue, occasionally green.

The main task of the Editor has always been to collect contributions, mostly from Gnosall, sometimes from surrounding villages. Initially the Editor also arranged the layout, a job I’m glad is no longer my responsibility!

When the parish room was taken over by the nursery, printing moved to the Grosvenor centre, then a few years ago we abandoned the staplers and duplicator and moved over to professional printing. Since then the quality of production has improved greatly and with far more use of photographs we are now able to print in full colour.

Of course, we started long before computers were commonplace and contributions were sent in by letter. These days nearly all our reports and photographs come by email, but hand written copy is still acceptable.

Intentionally I haven’t mentioned many names, as I’m sure I would forget lots of people who have helped. I guess well over 200 people have been involved over the years. At present there are over 60 people producing and delivering nearly 1000 GPNs every month. A superb achievement.

If there were no articles or advertisements there would be no GPN. So many thanks to all our regular and occasional contributors and advertisers.

And many thanks to all the volunteers who has been involved over the last 58 years, 4 months. Please keep up the good work, keep sending contributions, and getting each GPN prepared and delivered.

Joyce (GPN Editor)


p11.png* NOTE: The GPN nearly didn’t survive beyond the Issue 23 in 1967. An Editorial column signed by Longneck stated: “A funeral has been arranged . Nothing can stop it except a lot of money. The Gnews, like some other great independent journals is at present suffering greatly and may soon have to be buried. There is a loss of over £3 on this issue.”
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