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Growing up as a child in my little island in Fiji, I am always looking forward to the month of April for three things.

1. Palm Sunday, when the children take over the whole Sunday service and they also provide the choir. We also are presented with gifts from our parents and family members.

2. Good Friday, when we eat a Fijian pudding especially made for Good Friday and it is only eaten on this particular day.

3. Being advised to wake up early so that we can see Jesus carrying his cross across the sky. I have come to understand later that it was to be fully awake for the early morning


Whatever reason or reasons you have for remembering April, I am sure some of my childhood memories are not far off for some of us today. Palm Sunday is not the same as when I was young when the whole of March is spent by the Children preparing for it.

Hymns about the Passion and the Cross, risen and ascended will feature in the worship services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Sunday. It is a time for us to reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for you and me and showed his love for humankind. How can we ever repay that kindness?

I remind us again of the words of Pontius Pilate when he asked the question, “What shall I do with Jesus called the Messiah?”. We have stories of people responding to this question and doing something about it. What is your response? Pilate asked the question without having faith in Jesus, he knew about him. You know about Jesus ( I knew Jesus when I was young ) but do you have faith in Jesus? His death and resurrection become more meaningful when we have faith in Jesus.

Wishing you all a happy Easter.

Jimione Kaci



We are a lively and well organised group who tailor walks to your needs, the Wednesday walks are shorter for those who feel a short walk is more their scene, the Sunday ones are longer approximately 4 miles. You will meet new people and chat as well as walk, and learn about the area in which you live. Please wear sensible shoes and clothes.

All walks start at 10.30am from the appointed start point. Some involve a shared car ride



Date  Start Point  Walk Name
Sunday 5th Apri  Ranton VH Ranton Abbey
Wednesday 8th April Derrington VH Millennium Green & Duddas Wood
Wednesday 22nd April  Bradley VH Bradley - Alstone Farm

Further information from Peter Jobling 01785 822592 or David Clarke 01785 822483.Both have answer machines and will call you back if they are not available when you call.


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