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Gnosall Methodist Church Youth Club


Young Youth Leader Honored For Service To Gnosall Methodist Church Youth Club

mcyb2.pngCallum Hutchinson, age 17 from GMC Youth Club, picked up a Youth Impact award for his dedication to helping at the club and supporting its members at the SCVYS AGM which took place on Thursday 14th November at Rising Brook Community Church in Stafford. 

The Les Simmons Youth Impact Awards are held in memory of SCVYS worker Les Simmons who passed away in 2015. Les was passionate about ensuring young people achieved their full potential, and the awards were created to recognise groups and individuals who have had a positive impact on the lives of young people in Staffordshire. 

Callum was first presented with a certificate of achievement alongside all the nominees before being presented with a trophy on stage by the High Sheriff of Staffordshire, Ashley Brough. The evening was a huge success and it was a great opportunity for networking and learning about other youth work projects and exciting initiatives for young people locally. 

Here’s what Callum had to say about winning the award:

“I started being a helper at the youth club in 2016 as I was currently a member and started to turn up early to help set up and pack up the youth club. After developing my skills at the youth club for a year or so, I went on a Young Youth Leaders' Course with the local SCVYS group with several other Young Leaders to Laches Wood. We learnt about youth leading, about team building games and more sensitive matters like safeguarding. We also played games such as archery, obstacle courses, football and table tennis. This improved my knowledge of the Youth Leading field and also improved my team working skills. The award that I received was a real eye-opener to how much I have helped the youth club over the last 3-4 years. I did not believe I would receive this award as I always thought that others in the field where helping in far greater ways than I was. Thank you for the nomination Lauren, thank you for the award SCVYS and thank you to everyone who has helped and currently still helps at Gnosall Methodist Church Youth Club.” 

Congratulations Callum – the work you do to support young people in Gnosall is phenomenal. The staff team and youth club members couldn’t be more proud and happy for you. Thank you so much! 

Lauren Baxendale (Youth Club Leader)



Gnosall Brownies 70th Birthday

On December 2nd, Gnosall Brownies invited anyone in the local area who had been a Brownie to join them for a celebration evening to celebrate their 70th birthday.

brownies2.pngThe Brownie Pack – as it was known then - was opened by Mrs Vera Bray, wife of the vicar, Rev Tom Bray, in 1949 and has continued ever since offering weekly meetings and a variety of additional activities within the Girlguiding programme. How many hundreds of 7-10 year old girls in Gnosall who have been members can only be imagined, it has always had a full membership of around 25 Brownies.

The Brownies provided tea and cake, a good opportunity to practise their hostess skills, and the older visitors were able to admire the ‘guide wear’, which they would have called ‘uniforms’ and hear about the new programme which is very different from the one they would have known. Except, of course, badges are still very popular 70 years on!

Photo displays illustrating the many activities the Brownies have taken part in over the years surrounded the hall. The only ones missing were the visit to Harry Potter World Studios, London, which had taken place two weeks earlier as a special treat for the Brownies to celebrate the 70 years. 


brownies3.pngIn about 1955, a girl called Maureen Duncombe, gave herself the job of escorting local Brownies from the Greenfields end of the village to the brownie meeting which was held in the Methodist Meeting Hall, opposite where the Methodist Chapel is today. In those days, children and young people walked everywhere, in the dark, rain, snow or sunshine. It’s an amazing fact that the Brownies continued until the present day and that the young girl, now Maureen Jaundrell, took the role of leader in her late teens and is still going to the weekly meetings to help provide fun and enjoyment for local girls. Maureen is a wonderful example of the value of volunteering. She would say: “it’s kept her young at heart, she’s loved every minute with the Brownies and that it has enriched her life”.

Well done to 2nd Gnosall Brownies, to Maureen and to all the leaders who have given their time and energy over the years. Well done!

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