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Sunday 4th  Sunday 18th
10.30am Mrs. Alice Dair  10.30am Local Arrangement
Sunday 11th Sunday 25th
10.30am Local Arrangement Breakfast Church 10.30am Mr. Peter Hardy
10.30am Rev. Richard Ashmore (Holy Communion)  
Creche facilities and Junior Class ( 4 yrs upwards) at morning service.


Bookings: Mrs Joan Jobling 01785 822592. Tuesday: 2pm Women’s Fellowship ( Fortnightly)

Friday: 6.15 –7.45 Junior youth club 8-9.30pm Senior youth club

Contact for Minister through Circuit Office Tel. 01785 229973

TOGS visit to Dorothy Clive Garden

Back in May, 21 members of the Methodist Church TOGS group visited the Dorothy Clive Garden at Willoughbridge. Fortunately the weather was ideal and after a refreshing drink, we started to explore the garden. The Azaleas and Rhododendrons were at their best with colours of pink, purple, orange, yellow and white. Through this panoply of colour we made our way to the waterfall with the overlooking bronze stag above us in the trees. Then, we climbed a gentle slope up to the Laburnum arch in full flower and through to the Azalea walk. We then made our way down through the trees passing the odd tree sculpture of an owl and the ever present blooms to the Quarry floor. Along the way, we came across one of our group, Nancy, sketching away quietly in the shade. We paused while three of us were included in her art work. Finally, we worked our way back to the tea rooms for a very enjoyable lunch; a good day completed.

Women’s Fellowship.

Recently, one of the ladies from Women’s Fellowship came across a newspaper cutting and photographs from when the Fellowship celebrated 50yrs. of meeting. Women’s Fellowship was first established in 1949. This year on July 16th, they will be celebrating 70yrs. Of meeting together. There will be entertainment by Bill Jinks and Geoff Gledhill, also a tea party with a celebration cake and I’m sure a good time will be had by all. You don’t have to attend Church or Chapel to join our fellowship, it is open to new members and you would be made most welcome. ( There will be no meetings in August )

MOB Scarecrow Festival and Trail.

I live in Moreton and it is a wonderful community. There’s always lots going on and I especially enjoy the fortnightly Thursday morning Christian Fellowship meetings at 10.30am at the Millenium Centre. It is open to all denominations if you just want to come and see what we are all about, just pop along. You will be made very welcome. .Back to the Scarecrows, this festival is on Saturday/Sunday the 17th and 18th of August 10am-4pm. It was a great success when Moreton held the last one about 4yrs ago. Do come along and enjoy all the talent we have in our lovely village.

Rowley Street Church.

On Saturday 31st August at 2.30pm Rowley Street Church in Stafford are having their final service before they close their doors. They would love it if people would go along and share with them in celebration of their service over the years to the local community in the local area. If anyone has any experiences, memories or photographs of the Church at Rowley Street that you wish to share, please contact Leigh at the Circuit Office and they will do their best to include them in this celebration service.

E; admin@staffmc.org.uk

A Prayer from the Methodist Prayer Handbook

Lord it isn’t easy

It isn’t easy to speak out for you when they don’t want to listen.

It isn’t easy to live by your story when they don’t believe it.

It isn’t easy to welcome the stranger when the unfamiliar looks frightening.

It isn’t easy to be open to others when they might change me.

It isn’t easy to follow you when you go to the wrong places.

Child, it isn’t easy

It isn’t easy to walk with me toward Jerusalem.

It isn’t easy to trust when you want to direct.

It isn’t easy to let go when you want to grasp tightly.

It isn’t easy, but rest in Me, trust My love and you will be born anew.

Lord, help me to trust you and share your love that the world may be transformed.

Ruth Gee, former Darlington District Chair.

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