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Sunday Services


As our Chapel is closed at the moment, some services are being provided through Church web sites, Facebook and Youtube.


When we return to normal the following will apply


Mrs Joan Jobling 01785 822592.


2pm Women’s Fellowship

( Fortnightly)


6.15 –7.45 Junior youth club

Contact for Minister through

Circuit Office Tel. 01785 229973

Creche facilities and Junior Class

( 4 yrs upwards) at morning service.


Times they are A Changing.


I cannot believe I am preparing the page for June GPN.

At this moment in time, while still in ‘Lock Down’, one thing I have learned to enjoy even more is this beautiful world. I know I am very fortunate, I have been able to access as many Church services as am able from both the Methodist and Anglican web sites and also take time to enjoy and be grateful for where I live. Although a bit remote from Gnosall and my Chapel friends, living in Moreton is such a happy place with a wonderful community. Yesterday we celebrated V E day with our banners and tea parties all on our own drives. We live opposite the village green, with lovely mature trees. One of the trees has been decorated with ‘Ribbons of Hope’ by some of the residents and also people out taking their daily exercise.

Every Thursday evening people come out at 8pm to clap for our NHS. Some bang saucepans and shake maracas while others ring bells and blow whistles, while others respond with car horns. It is a lovely atmosphere and one we all seem to look forward to and enjoy as well as showing our gratitude to all the doctors and nurses as well as all the other services that are keeping everything going. For those who have lost loved ones to Covid 19 we are sad, for those who have survived we give thanks and through all the heartache we can also see some good that is coming out of it.

Cleaner air, people sharing and caring. We are living more as God intended us to, to “Love one another as I have loved you”.

One thing I have also noticed on the odd occasion we have needed to go out, THERE IS LESS LITTER. Perhaps people are starting to see how beautiful our countryside is and in future will be more thoughtful for what we have and how we take care of it.


A short prayer.

Loving Father, may we all learn lessons from this time in ‘lock down’ and draw even closer to You. To appreciate all

that we have and all those we love. Amen


Matthew 6 v19-21

I heard something on the news that said Richard Branson might have to sell his holiday island to keep his Virgin Airline Company afloat. I immediately thought of Matthew’s Gospel 6 v 19-21.” Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth where moths and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven where moths and rust do not destroy or thieves do not break in and steel. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” New International Version.

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