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Sunday Services


As our Chapel is closed at the moment, some services are being provided through Church web sites, Facebook and Youtube,and possibly Zoom.

When we return to normal the following will apply


Mrs Joan Jobling 01785 822592.


2pm Women’s Fellowship

( Fortnightly)


6.15 –7.45 Junior youth club

Contact for Minister through

Circuit Office Tel. 01785 229973

Creche facilities and Junior Class

( 4 yrs upwards) at morning service.

 The Time Capsule

Gnosall Methodist Chapel was built in 1901. The stone laying ceremony was held on August 8th 1901 and a Time Capsule was placed in the wall, to be opened after 100 years. The capsule was opened in August 2001. On the 21st April 2002, following a service led by the Reverend Ian Mason, a Time Capsule was resealed to be opened in the next following 100 years.

The Centenary Capsule Ceremony took place after the service with the congregation gathering in the Chapel car park to witness the replacement of the capsule. This was done by Michael Tomkinson. It was a very happy occasion with much fellowship, chatter and laughter as we all wondered what the reaction of the congregation will be when the capsule is opened in 2101. Geof and Aileen Bright.

Geof has many photographs of this occasion. Perhaps when we get back to ‘normal’ we could have a tea and cakes fellowship evening and view the photos and giggle at how much younger we all looked! Thank you both for the memories.


Fellowship in lockdown.

During lockdown and whilst we have been unable to meet face-to-face in chapel or in fellowship groups, we have been having weekly prayer and chat sessions through Zoom. The wonder of technology has enabled us to meet virtually, see each others faces, to have a short time of Christian discussion, to catch up on news and to remember others in our prayer times.

In a recent session we were considering the parable of the talents (Matthew 25 v14-30). This is not initially an easy parable; It has a disconcerting punch line, but it does highlight the positive use of talents be they coins as in the parable, or our skills.

We all have talents and during the past months we have noted how many people in Gnosall and more widely, have used these skills and gifts for the benefit of neighbours, friends and others. The last issue of GPN focussed on some of these people and rightly so, praised and thanked them for their amazing thoughtfulness and willingness to put themselves out for others. The daily telephone calls and keeping in touch, looking out for people and anticipating their needs are as important as the vital sewing and fund raising. Some people have discovered new interests and skills, some have rediscovered latent talents. These have been put to good use- either to sustain oneself or to benefit others. Either way these talents have been well utilised.

Where do we go from here? How do we move forward as restrictions are gradually eased and we all begin to resume our activities? Some things will undoubtedly be changed permanently, and we may have to be willing to accept procedures, which we would previously not have experienced in church, for example: constant hand sanitising and the lack of social contact.

At chapel we are beginning to think of ways we can proceed with the aim of holding some services in our building. When that does happen we want to recognise each others talents, acknowledge how we have been able to utilise and benefit from them, but most of all give thanks to God for them. Sally


 Our Faith By Eric Pritchard

The pandemic caused us all some fear That’s the way with the unknown; But we have faith to calm that fear And are never quite alone.


Even when our house seems empty

There is one to whom we turn;

One whose love is freely given,

It’s not something we must earn.


Like wayward sheep, we sometimes stray

And for that he is there

But still our Lord and Father waits

To listen for our prayer.


He does not demand perfection,

For we don’t have that to give;

But he’ll show us the direction

In which to steer the life we live.

He is loving and forgiving,

He sustains us through the years.

When we can’t seem to find our way,

He guides us, stems our fears.

All that he does require of us,

Our trust and faith and love,

Are truly scant return

To our Dear Loving Lord above.


A Prayer The Methodist Prayer Handbook

Transforming God, thank you for modern health care,

Developed with your guidance and inspiration.

We pray for universal access to disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Lay your hands on health professionals and researchers.

Touch the sick and the suffering with wholeness and hope.

Make us all agents of your healing love. Amen.

Ann Cooper, local preacher, Newcastle West Circuit

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