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Gnosall & Newport Lions


Prostate Cancer Awareness Event


Gnosall & Newport Lions Club and Julie Rich will be holding their2019 Prostate Cancer Awareness Event from 6.30pm to 9.00pm on the evening of Monday 14th October at the Cosy Hall in Newport where men over 50 (or 45 where there is a family history of prostate cancer) are invited to attend and receive a free PSA blood test.

It is hoped that over 400 local men will attend this event. In previous years there have been queues early in the evening and it has been quieter after 7.30pm.The event is free to attend but donations will be accepted on the night. Gift Aid envelopes will be available. The cost of the evening averages out at about £15 per person.

The event is supported by the Graham Fulford Trust and retired consultant urologist David Baxter Smith. Mr Baxter Smith receives the results, sends out appropriate letters and keeps track of the results year by year to check for fluctuations. There is a video available on YouTube of Mr Baxter Smith explaining about the prostate cancer blood test.

Gnosall & Newport Lions have received generous donations from the Shropshire Prostate Cancer Support Group (SPCSG) and the Coombes family of Newport who run a Festive Charity Tractor Road Run every Christmas. This year Donna Coombes is organising a Craft Fair on Sunday 20th October at the Cosy Hall.

Prostate cancer affects 45,000 men and their families each year with sadly about 11,500 dying from it. In Shropshire about 250 men are diagnosed with the disease each year. There is no national screening programme, but men in categories 'at risk' from the disease are strongly advised to consider having a simple annual blood test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen).

The 'at risk' categories are - All men over 50. All men over 40 with a history of prostate disease in the family. All men over 45 from an African/West Indian ethnic group.

Early diagnosis does result in better outcomes.Men who attend the drop in event at the Cosy Hall are invited to give a small blood sample for PSA analysis. Each man tested will receive a results letter in the post within three weeks after the event. A green letter advises a man that his PSA level was in the normal range for a man of his age, but if he suffers from other symptoms of prostate disease he should see his General Practitioner. An amber letter advises a man that his PSA level was borderline and he should see his General Practitioner in three months’ time for a further test; in that time it may go up further indicating a need for investigation or it may fall back into the normal range. A red letter suggests that his PSA level was significantly elevated and the man would be advised to see his General Practitioner soon as he may need further investigation.

Many prostate cancer testing events are run across Shropshire and the UK by Lions, Rotary, Masons and local Prostate Cancer Support Groups. Other upcoming local events are in Oakengates (SPCSG, 16th September at The Wakes, 5.00pm to 8.00pm), Stone (Lions, 24th September at the Stonehouse Hotel, 6.00pm to 8.00pm), Donnington (SPCSG, 28th October at the Turreff Hall, 5.00pm to 8.00pm) and Bridgnorth (Lions, 31st October at the Castle Hall from 6.30pm). For more details please contact pete.sterling58@gmail.com 

News from the Lion’s Den

The summer of 2019 has been a period of highs and lows for the Gnosall, Newport & District Lions. Our usual period of being able to top up our charity pot has been scuppered by our glorious British summer weather. We were lucky our tent didn’t sail down Newport High Street, as the Newport Carnival was so drenched. Then unfortunately, due to weather, we had to bow out of the Old Time Market, as our much-used tent was busy being set up at the Gnosall Carnival.

But you can’t keep a good Lion down, and the weather has had no impact on our yearly service events.

As part of our District we hold service events every year jointly to support disabled children and their families and then our own prostate screening:

◊ Waterworld, Stoke-on-Trent – We book the venue for the day and open the doors to the local schools catering for disabled children. Coaches of kids turn up for the day and they have free run of Waterworld, and they even get some treats to take home.

◊ Foxfield Railway, Stoke-on-Trent – Again we book the Foxfield railway for the whole Saturday and invite disabled children and their families to a fun day out. There are stream train rides, free games and actives all day.

◊ Finally is our own Prostate Cancer Awareness Event, with free PSA testing for any man over 50 years of age. It will be held at Cosy Hall, Newport on the 14th October at 18:30 to 21:00, please do come along. We have also had to say good bye to our previous President and hard-working Lion team members this year. Thank you to Rick & Pam Talbot for all your time and effort put into support the club.


Tracy Healey (Gnosall, Newport & District Lions President)

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