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Gnosall Writers is a small group formed only last year and we are looking for would-be writers of any age to join us.

If you write stories, poems, or articles, long, short, very short or very long, in any genre, any style, we hope for you to join us.

It does not matter if you have never written anything in your life, but would like to do so, then come and join us and we can give you hints or maybe inspire you.

We meet first Thursday of every month 7:00pm This last month we met outside at Gnosall Library entrance (social-distancing rules) but next time it maybe as a virtual meeting (simple Text Forum, Zoom, Teams) if the weather is inclement so contact us by email: gnosall.writers@gleanhub.org

Next meeting, 6th August: 7:00pm

Below is one of our member’s writing.

It is a FLASH Fiction (a story of no more than 1000 words)


FLASH FICTION: The invisible friends

A scattering of raindrops.

Damp grass underfoot.

A welcome breeze.

She feels a flutter of nervousness. So much time has elapsed, where did they leave off? Afraid to utter the reason why… If she closed her eyes would it all disappear?

They are wearing their Sunday-best smiles, with aches in their hearts and tears in their souls. They have arrived at this place via different routes. Where to begin? Almost shyly pleasantries are exchanged. Ritual greetings and compliments. A complete deep breath.

Soon the words escape and tumble from their lips. They speak of everything and nothing, comfortable at last. Genuine. Who have they seen? Parents, children, friends and neighbours? What have they done? Baking and planting, reading and writing, watching and listening. Really how are they? Days of flowers, days of pain. Again and again and again.

Sunshine arrives perfectly on cue, illuminating those dark places of dread. Menacing dream-shapes shrink and shrivel and scuttle away.

Relaxed chatter fills the empty pages of their days and minutes. Together the friends knit a rainbow of comfort, reassurance, trust and kindness.

They are visible.

They are viable.

They have listened and have been heard.

Friends leave this place a little lighter, a little brighter, a little stronger. Distanced but never distant.

Friends rule


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