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glrc.pngNew Adventures…. Liz Bennett
glrc1.pngI started running when I was forty years old. Nothing much… from a lap of the loop to building up to a “race for life” 5k. still treasure my medal. I found that I loved running in the early morning before everyone was up. I felt calm, but energised. I had the bug! “Let’s do the Stafford half marathon” I said to Mr Bennett. We ran our first half marathon together all the way. Thirteen point one miles is a long way, but we got each other through. After that, I carried on; a few 10k races and a regular route around the village with “twiddly bits” around the streets to add distance.


I was working at the Coop at the time, when Kerry Hall told be about the Gnosall Ladies. I did not feel I was ready to join, but when running a 10k at Milford I met some of the ladies and they were so friendly and after meeting The Legend “Bootcamp Bob”, I was persuaded to join.So at 6am one December morning I met Bob, Emma and Diana at the end of the railway line at “the posts”. I had nothing to worry about; what an adventure, running around the fields, along the canal and railway track, bridal paths and Broadhill (or “Broadhell” as I used to call it). I loved it, again feeling calm and energised, and I could not wait for next week’s adventure. And what adventures we have every Saturday morning! It if is not raining and we are up to our knees in mud, water or snow, then it isn’t Bootcamp 


Picture captions: (1) Benidorm medal (2) Running club Swamp (3) Liz and Rich Bennett
Picture captions: (1) Benidorm medal (2) Running club Swamp (3) Liz and Rich Bennett
I have now done many 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and even an ultra marathon. I did my dream run, the London marathon, in 2018, and I did long training runs with the Ladies who gave me all the love and support I needed. I am achieving success in my races, winning my age group in several, and coming third in my age group 2 years in a row in the Sexarathon six race series organised by Telford Athletic club. 
glrc3.pngFor the last 3 years the Gnosall Ladies have been organising the Gnosall 10k(ish). I appreciate the marshals at the events that I have run and it was good to provide support as a marshal myself for Gnosall, handing out drinks, jelly babies and encouragement. This year we had “Team Sam” runners, and I was very proud supporting people who had never run very much before taking part in our race in memory of Sam Myatt.

I am proud to be a Gnosall Lady and wear my club vest with pride. I have taken my vest with me to many races, including the Palma half marathon, Benidorm half marathon, and for fun runs from Wales to Italy to Cuba.Thanks to being a Gnosall Lady for the last 6 years, I feel that I have grown in confidence and now have the courage to go for things outside of running. Running keeps me fit and calm, and I have made some fantastic friends through running.It says “just run” on the Gnosall Ladies flag. That’s what we do. Join us, on out next adventure............Liz x 

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