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A Mom’s GLRC Story

As a busy Mum of 4 boys, you can imagine life is pretty hectic and chaotic. In the past, I have suffered many times with postnatal depression and anxiety and for me exercise has always been my therapy. It promotes and releases endorphins which is your body’s natural pain and stress fighting chemicals. It brings you back to life and puts you in that happy place again. It can be a very powerful rush.

For me I used to maintain my ‘clear' head by always hitting the gym around 3-4 times a week.

As time has gone on, getting to the gym, doing a work out and coming home takes A LOT of time out during the day and you end up feeling guilty for impacting on family time. This is where Running became my “go-to” activity of choice.

It gives you the freedom to exercise anywhere at any time which on a personal note allowed me to maintain my ‘clear' head. The best part about running is you don’t have to go all out and train for a marathon, in order to reap the mental benefits.

The Gnosall Running group, meet each Saturday morning and the camaraderie between us has helped facilitate many friendships and provides a sense of belonging that for me, I so desperately needed after moving to Gnosall in July 2018.

We are all different running abilities in the group, but we all support, motivate and encourage one another as we all share the same passion for running. For me running has evolved from a place of clarity and inner peace.Now when I run, I look up and out, rather than down and forward.

p22.jpgI focus on my breath—and how my body feels—when it is connected to my mind. And I wake each day feeling thankful to have a powerful form of therapy that involves a pair of running shoes and a route which I choose to take.

If this is something that you feel could have a positive impact on your overall mental and physical wellbeing then come and join us on our Saturday morning boot camp Run at 6.30am #Mud #sweat #tears

Clare Woodall



Rosemary Hale's Art Group

Art Exhibition

Rosemary Hale's Art Groups will be holding an art event at Derrington Village Hall throughout the weekend of 26th /27th.

October 2019, 10am to 4pm.

Admission and car parking is free and home-made refreshments plus paintings and greetings cards for sale and a chocolate tombola.

As well as an exhibition of excellent art work produced by the groups there will also be regular free painting demonstrations by professional tutor Rosemary at 11am and 2pm. The afternoon demonstrations will be particularly pitched to interest those new to painting as a new event this year. In addition to the step-by-step demonstration that Rosemary will do, she will also have illustrated painting notes and art materials for sale. 

Picture9.pngRosemary is an experienced art tutor who teaches a variety of mediums, subjects and styles of artwork. She strongly believes that watching is a great way of learning and so painting demonstrations feature in most lessons. There is at least one structured project each term, plus more experienced painters are encouraged to paint their own subjects in their own style. 

There are four weekly art classes currently running at Derrington on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, Rosemary also tutors a group in her home village of Foxt in North Staffordshire. All are welcome at her classes, no experience is required…just an enthusiasm for painting and a willingness to learn. 

Rosemary's contact details are: Email - Tel: 01538 260007 mobile: 07728483446


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