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Don’t tell anyone but…

Have you heard about the man at number 33…?

We all enjoy a bit of gossip, even if we claim not to, but most of us feel guilty about it.

Gossip can certainly have its dark side if it’s malicious. But those who gossip maliciously tend to be ‘found out’ and people start to avoid them. After all, if they’re being nasty about someone else, what’s to stop them making up information about you?

However, it can be a lovely bonding experience, spending time gossiping with friends. Gossip is essentially the human equivalent of monkeys grooming each other. In very intimate relationships we might still physically groom one another, but this sort of behaviour is frowned upon in polite society. Gossip is, therefore, the linguistic equivalent of physical grooming.

Gossip is a means of forming alliances. By giving someone a little tidbit of gossip, we’re letting them know that they are valuable to the group. We’re also creating a sense of obligation in others to reciprocate and share future gossip with us. From an evolutionary perspective, gossip is a form of cultural learning, through which we learn cautionary tales and anecdotes that help us to keep ourselves safe and to  become competent members of our culture.

Being in a village-like Gnosall, gossip can be a good way to bind people together and create a sense of community. It allows us to gain knowledge beyond what we’ve directly experienced and find out who’s having a rough time and needs a helping hand, a moment of kindness or simply our compassion. If done with kindness, gossip can be positive for everyone.


Defibrillators (AED)

I am sure many of you have seen the defibrillators positioned around the village:

Outside the Boat Inn and on the side of the Petrol Station and one on the outside wall of The Grosvenor Centre.These are for public use if required and very straightforward to use – just follow these  instructions• Go to the yellow box• Look for the four digit code• Dial 999. Explain your situation and give them the code• You will be given a different code to open the box• Take the defibrillator (AED) out and take it to the patient• Don’t forget that an ambulance will be on its way to you• Return to the patient and follow the instructions that the machine will give you once you lift the lid (it actually “talks” to you)

Parish Council


The Cartwright And Hudson Foundation

• Attending University

• Hoping to go to University

• Attending College

• Undertaking an Apprenticeship

• Any other Vocational Training

If the answer is yes to any of the above and you are under 25 years old and reside in Gnosall, Moreton or Knightley READ ON

The Cartwright and Hudson Foundation can provide assistance towards the cost of books, tools, equipment, special clothing etc. For further information and for an application form all you need to do is to telephone

Mrs Dina Stiles on: 01785 841314

The Gnosall Parish News

The Gnosall Parish News is designed, edited and distributed locally by volunteers.We do however contract out the printing. We are non-profit making. Each year a donation is made to one or more local voluntary or charitable organisations if we have a surplus.

The Editorial Team takes the utmost care in creating this newsletter each month. Items and articles received are included as accurately as possible within the available space constraints. Nevertheless, the Team are only human and cannot guarantee that Gnosall Parish News is free from errors. If you spot an error please let the Editor know.

Gnosall Parish News cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any losses resulting from incorrect or outdated information.We very much welcome letters and contributions to the GPN which, if published, would normally be attributed to the author. However we reserve the right to publish without a name, provided the contributor’s name and address has been supplied Ed.

If suppling text and photos please note the following:

Please supply text and photographs as separate files. All photographs must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). Images with a resolution less than 300 dpi will only result in poor reproduction on press ( images will look fuzzy and/or pixilated)

Accompanying any photographs with full details of peoples names and places in the photographs if you wish for them to be included in the articles.

Many thanks for your support.

The GPN Team

Defibrillators (AED)

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