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CAP Money Course

‘Christians Against Poverty (CAP) run a FREE short Money Course that helps teach you budgeting skills and getting to grips with your finances so that you can budget, save and prevent debt. Whether you feel pretty organised or struggle to make ends meet, the CAP Money Course will help you take complete control of your finances.

The course will be run over 2 weeks on 5th and 12th November at 7pm in the Vestry at St. Lawrence Church. Places are limited, so booking is essential. For further information and to book your place

contact: Peter Thompson

Beacon Baptist Church CAP Money

CoachTel: 07814823867’

Are you a keen gardener?

As autumn takes hold and we begin to clear our gardens of this years colour thoughts already go to what to grow next year. That’s where we can help!

Gnosall Allotments & Gardens Association (GAGA) was formed to serve not only the interests of allotment holders but also gardeners in the Gnosall area. If you are a keen gardener you will benefit from membership. As a member you are able to order seeds (at discount prices) from D T Browns extensive catalogue. The catalogue and your order are delivered to your door by committee members. Catalogues are available from the beginning of October. Another benefit of being a member is shopping at the shed!

“The Shed” which can be found by the entrance to the allotments sells various goods related to gardening and allotments at competitive prices and it’s much handier than a trip to the garden center. This includes a selection of fertilisers, netting, canes, fleece, compost and other similar goods. The shed opens most Sunday mornings in the growing season. We also have a lawn scarifier, strimmer and rotavator for loan to members and hope to add to this equipment in the near future.

Our membership year is 1st April in one year to 31st March the following year.Membership fee is just £3.50 (with £1 voucher for the shed!). To join us simply download the membership application form from our website, http://gnosallallotments.org.uk ,or contactthe secretary, Lynn Whittick (823466). 



Thank you once again to all those who helped to make our first canal festival the resounding success that everyone enjoyed. The overwhelming feedback we have received is that we should do it again next year.

So subject to suitable approvals, permissions and insurances and sufficient assistance, next years C-fest will be on 18/19 July 2020. If any local groups would like to participate or contribute in any way, please let me know.

Barry Witts

Bully for us

We hear a lot nowadays about bullies, who operate both online and in the real world, exacting physical or emotional cruelties on others. However, did you know that bully was a term of endearment in the 1500s? The word bully possibly derived from the Middle Dutch word boele, meaning lover, sweetheart or brother 

The first recorded use of the word bully dates back to 1538, when John Bale used it in one of his morality plays: The woman hath a wit, And by her gear can sit, Though she be sumwhat olde. It is myne owne swete bullye. (Act 2)

Shakespeare used it almost as a prefix to names in several of his plays, such as in Midsummer Night’s Dream when Quince asks Bottom “What sayest thou, bully Bottom?” (Act 3, Scene 1).

From this positive definition, people often used bully to express congratulations or pleasure. The popular phrase “bully for you!” would translate in today’s terms as “congratulations!” or perhaps “kudos!” However, from the 17th Century onwards, the phrase started to be used more sarcastically, belittling others’ achievements.

Similarly, from the 17th Century onwards, the noun bull changed from describing people in positive terms, to denoting someone who was quarrelsome or thuggish. The diminishing positivity of the word bully might be due to the similarity of the word to bull, therefore bully could have taken on some of the negative connotations of bulls. This is by no means certain however, and also depends on your feelings towards bulls.

Andrea Lacy

Request for distributors

We urgently need new distributors to help deliver the GPN each month or occasionally for holiday cover. In particular we have an immediate need to find someone to deliver to the "Hollies Estate" ( Daffodill Drive and Tulip Walk). If you are prepared to help, please contact:

Bob Colman - Phone 01785 823955 or email bob.colman@btinternet.com

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