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Ministry Matters

(Pause For Thought)



It is almost one year now since we arrived into Gnosall as Circuit Minister for the Stafford Methodist Circuit. We have made friends and can say that we are settled in. For the last three months I have been on duty for the Circuit as Rev Pauline Salter is on Sabbatical. I have taken part in some of our ecumenical activities and was privileged to be invited to judge the floats during the Gnosall Carnival in June. In July the Gnosall Methodist Church hosted the G Fest Civic Church service and was glad to meet the Deputy Mayor and the Lord Lieutenant.

I re-iterate the invitation of Jesus who is saying in Mark 4:35 “Let us go across to the other side”. Another Church year is in front of us and we need to take heed of this invitation. There are storms  waiting us ; family storms, storms within the congregation, in work places, marital storms and many more. How can we weather the storms when they come ? In Mark’s Gospel, the disciples were afraid and said, ”Teacher don’t you care that we die?”

Let us say, Yes, to Jesus and invite him personally, to our homes and families, to our Churches and Community. We are able to weather any storm if we journey with Jesus. The Story in Mark 4 is about the boat on which Jesus was and it was able to reach the other side. We have journeyed for almost one year together now with Jesus with us.

Let us bring Jesus on board and when he is on board , do not be like the story in Mark 4 by having him at the back. Bring him to the front and with Jesus in the front leading, we will again reach August 2020 and are also able to weather the many storms that come our way.


Jimi Kaci



Well it did stop raining eventually and now we have sunny days ahead we hope!! G.Fest is about to happen as I write this and Trusty Jambusters will have made and sold many jam scones over the weekend!! The carnival cake stall was also run by Jambusters, thanks to all who donated !!

We sold every one despite the tropical torrent that nearly washed us away!! Last week we had the wonderful Derek Poulson regaling us with anecdotes and stories about the rich and varied regional accents we are lucky enough to still have in good old blighty!! A really enjoyable evening thanks Derek yow woz bostin!! We have our annual social jolly night out in August ,this year we are visiting Aston Marina for a meal together, should be fun!! Looking forward to September when we have Travelstore, Gnosall coming along to get us on our way for 2020!! 'Fly Me To The Moon' Well maybe not that far!! Bring your notebook!!

Now to get back to Jam making, I have ten pounds of gooseberries that need to go into my jam pan !! Have a wonderful summer and we return in September.


Contact: Sue Spencer 822306

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