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So I have arrived at age 85. Do I feel old? Well yes I do. Up to this time I have continued to do all the things I have learned to do over the last 80 or more years. A few physical limitations permitting of course. However, having recently experienced more health problems I am forced to curtail my literary activities because I cannot be sure of meeting deadlines.

With the fantastic contribution of the GPN team I have been happily involved producing the GPN on my computer for the last ten years or so but now am handing over. Bob has taken over the web site and Keith, our new Graphics Editor, will be supported by our chairperson Pat, editor Joyce, editorial chairman and Steve, who also gives us the benefit of his professional expertise in the news publishing industry. They are backed up by Bob who organizes the printing and distribution by a large number of volunteers from the village. Joyce, Keith, Joan, Amanda, Ruth, and Gerry are involved in the monthly task of gathering news and putting our magazine together. Obviously we can only be successful with the support of the villagers and the local trades people who advertise all coordinated by Ian.

I am grateful for this opportunity to publicize the work of the above men and women who generously give freely of their time and talents to the worthy cause of producing this magazine each month. Surely there can’t be many such voluntary efforts in the country.

Fifteen years ago, I came back to Gnosall to live. I had lived and worked in Stafford all my life but my mum was born in Willey Lane and I have relations who are natives of Gnosall (sadly lost touch over 70 years). The GPN soon came to my notice and has been a constant presence in our home ever since.

I quickly recognized and appreciated the enormous effort being put into its production, all done by hand by an enthusiastic team, at the time. Having been involved in print production during my working life I thought that my knowledge of digital text processing and printing might be of value so I contacted some members of the team and offered my services.

At that time the late Brian Morrison was devoting a lot of his spare time in helping to put the Gnosall Parish News together. Goodness knows how many hours he passed at the Grosvenor (and previously St Lawrence school rooms). Using an office plain paper copier he printed about 40,000 pages every month and collated and stapled them. He was assisted in the latter tasks by Joan, Gerry, Geoff, Norma and one or two others.

I am grateful for the opportunity offered over the last ten years to help develop the magazine to what it is today and look forward to seeing it successfully continue from the comfort of my armchair.

Trevor Ashton

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