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Just a thought as the nights draw in…….

Autumn juveniles of the hedgehog world, the late summer hoglets, are now in a desperate race for survival. They need to weigh 600 grams if they are to survive hibernation.

As always, a hedgehog seen in the daytime is a hedgehog in trouble so, if you happen to come across one wandering around your road or garden in daylight,please wear gardening gloves or use an old towel to gather it up. They are good climbers so pop it into a high sided box somewhere safe while you organise some meat flavoured cat biscuits or tinned cat food (not fish flavoured) or dried meal worms. Incidentally, large tubs of meal worms are available quite cheaply from B & M and your garden birds, too, will appreciate them throughout the cold months.



It is best to make a low tunnel, open at both ends, by using a couple of bricks on their sides covered by a piece of wood. Place both the food and hedgehog underneath so they can feed without being disturbed by marauding cats. It is also important to leave a shallow bowl of water nearby.Hedgehogs are creatures of habit, returning to known feeding places nightly until the weather becomes so chilly that their instinct to hibernate takes over, so regular offerings will be needed to build them up to a healthy weight.

Come November, please Remember, Remember…… to check and remove any hedgehogs from your bonfires before lighting.

The wonderful Joan Lockley (West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue) 01922 419 532 or 07837 409 533 can advise about hedgehogs found in winter.

Hopefully all your hedgehogs will go into hibernation at a healthy weight under your hedgerow or pile of logs to re-awaken next March ready to do battle with any garden pests on your behalf.

Your plants will thank you for it.

Pippa Morgan

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